WH Adviser John Podesta: Congress Can’t Stop Us on Global Warming (Video)

For the first time in over a century Niagara Falls froze over this winter.
niagara frozen
The U.S. side of the Niagara Falls is partially frozen after temperatures in the area dropped to -2F
(Picture: REUTERS)

Lake Michigan was over 90% ice covered this winter – another record.

According to Steven Goddard the US just endured the coldest winter in 102 years.


But, the facts won’t deter this radical administration–
With the economy in shambles the Obama White House is going to switch its focus on global warming junk science. White House adviser John Podesta told reporters Congress cannot stop them.

“The question of whether they would, they’ll find various ways particularly in the House to try to stop us to from using the authority we have under the Clean Air Act. All I will say is that those have zero percent chance of working.”

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