VA whistleblower says he was DEMOTED, bullied for exposing scandal

Jose Mathews

ST. LOUIS – The scandal regarding poor medical treatment of veterans continues to grow. Instead of getting to the bottom of it and holding people accountable, it appears those in power would rather punish the people exposing the problems.

KMOX reports:

Dr. Jose Mathews says he’s paying the price for being a whistle-blower at the VA hospital in St. Louis.

He didn’t hold back as he told his story to KMOX.

Mathews was head of psychiatry at the VA before he came forward to say that doctors were treating only half the mental health patients they had the capacity to handle.

After that, he says he was promptly removed from his position and specifically instructed not to contact any of the psychiatrists he was leading.

But even though he was re-located to a basement office, Mathews continues going to work at the VA as scheduled—but says there has been harassment from some co-workers.

“They’re sometimes mocking,” he says. “There are sometimes people who make it a point to come into my office and laugh. Seriously, this is not a joke.”

Get used to it. This is how progressives treat veterans and those who want to help them.