Anita Moncrief: White Privilege movement is mostly about power, very little about race


Anita Moncrief weighs in on the White Privilege movement in America:


In a series of investigative reports posted last week, Progressives Today has exposed the far left radical agenda of the White Privilege Conference (WPC).

On the surface the conference and White Privilege movement is supposed to be about how American society remains fundamentally biased against people of color.

But a peek under the surface makes one fact abundantly clear – race is simply a useful tool for a bunch of Marxist radicals, most of whom are educators, who want to remake America in the image of Cuba, with a collectivist economy and a totalitarian government to impose it.

In a report presented to the radical Democracy Alliance by the Kirwan Institute entitled Progressive Politics: The Strategic Importance of RaceWPC presenter (and Berkeley professor) John C. Powell expounds on race and the need to build a progressive power base organized around race.

“Progressives sense the urgent need to develop and support a sustainable progressive movement. They have been losing ground for several years and will continue to do so unless an alternative strategy is developed…

“The focus of this memo is to explore the role of race and class in developing a sustainable progressive movement…We will show that it is not plausible to build a progressive agenda without addressing race…

“It is not whether race will be used, but how. The response must be to make race explicit but in a transformative manner.”

Plainly put, he means using the race card to promote a broad anti-American agenda.

Progressive activists acknowledge that “race is the most divisive, but it is also the most powerful motivating force in the grass-roots movements of the larger U.S. cities…Non-Europeans are no longer a minority in much of America, and will become the national majority sometime around 2040. The implications of this changeover are nuanced and difficult to predict, but the early information we have suggests that this majority is ours to lose. Latinos, African-Americans, and Asian.”

In other words, these Marxists see a potential majority voting bloc of racial minorities, and they want to make sure those minorities adopt their radical goals. What better way to snare them than to play to their racial anxieties and fears?

Leftist cheerleading squads fan out across the country claiming their initiatives are based on principle and for the common good, but their own training guides point to a desire to control the American electorate. Here is an excerpt from the The Progressive Strategy Handbook:

“…Immigrants all vote very solidly progressive at present. However, this advantage is weakened by two factors…

“The Republican Party has used race as a wedge issue for over 80 years, but it’s possible that in another 20 years, we could be faced with a conservative party that no longer deals in racial politics, and may thus be more attractive to immigrants and people of color.

“Hispanic and African-American Evangelicals, who already agree with some social conservative positions, may be particularly responsive to these appeals…

“While it is not yet a battleground state, progressives should be mounting a full on battle for Texas which could eventually change the whole Electoral map.”

The White Privilege movement really has very little do to with racial issues at all. It’s really an anti-capitalist movement, and its leaders want to use minority voters to push it over the top.