Surprise! Leftists Riot At Annual Seattle May Day Rally for Marxism (Video)


The Marxists celebrated May Day yesterday in Seattle.
What started as a non-violent ‘peaceful’protest turned into mass rioting.
damage seattle
Smashed window on King County Metro Transit Bus. From SPD. (FOX13)

The protesters handed out flyers saying, “The only good cop is a bad cop.”


At the end of the night the leftists broke windows, hurled bricks at police, vandalized property and threatened police.
Via Laughing at Liberals:

FOX 13 reported on the rioting:

Hundreds of self-proclaimed anarchists marched, apparently aimlessly, through Seattle’s downtown streets for hours on May Day, with many wearing black clothing and masks and carrying black flags on flagpoles.

In the end, nine were arrested for tussling with police, property damage and assault. Despite the arrests, it’s already being called a relatively peaceful May Day for Seattle.

Fierce clashes between police and protesters erupted the previous two years on May 1.

The first reports of May Day-related vandalism began trickling in Thursday morning after officers found “Kill SPD” spray painted on a bank at 13th Avenue and E. Madison Street.

“Whose streets? Our Streets!” chanted this year’s May Day marchers, who carried a banner that read, “Die Yuppie Scum” and another that read, “Anti-Capitalism and Anti-State.”

The arrests were part of a group that circled the Central District and then downtown for three hours.

Later, police officers at 6th and Battery fired pepper spray at protesters after police said bottles were thrown at them. They also arrested a second person and said a gun was recovered from one of the marchers at that time.

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