Surprise! Communist dictator Fidel Castro lived a life of luxury while his people shared the leftovers


That peasant stuff is for the rubes who aren’t in power. The “special” communists get to live a better life, just like those horrible old capitalists they overthrew.

From the Daily Mail:

A new book on the hidden life of Fidel Castro claims the Cuban leader lived in luxury on his own private island, which included a turtle farm.

It was thought that Castro, who is now rarely seen in public, lived a simple, austere life similar to his fellow Cubans in the communist country.

However, in the new book La Vie Cachée de Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro’s Hidden Life), a former bodyguard says Castro never renounced ‘capitalist comforts’.

Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, who worked for the leader for 17 years and now lives in America, claims that he had a private island, Cayo Piedra, south of the Bay of Pigs, describing it as a ‘Garden of Eden’, complete with a turtles and dolphin farm.

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