Students chant ‘capitalism will fall, capitalism is dead’ at university-hosted ANARCHIST conference (VIDEO)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Public universities are their own worst enemies because they’ll give a platform to malcontents that want to destroy the very purpose for which today’s universities exist.

Portland State University recently hosted the “Law & Disorder Conference,” an event organized by anarchists.

LaughingatLiberals captured this video:

“Capitalism is an evil system… Capitalism is the root of all evils. It is built on an unjust, racist, classist system, based on 400 years of slavery,” Nehandra Imara of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party said.

“Capitalism is a failed system. Would you agree? …YES!” was the chant Imara led.

Capitalism is a “dominant, racist, western narrative,” she said.

Authored by Kyle Olson



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