SAD… Even in Harlem Obama Gets a Bad Rap on Race Relations (Video)

Jesse Watters went down to Harlem this week to talk to New Yorkers about the Donald Sterling racism scandal. LA Clipper owner Sterling was fined $2.5 million and banned from the NBA this week after news broke regarding his racist comments against blacks.

Not only were the people upset with Donald Sterling, they also blasted Obama.
“He is not healing racism.”

FOX Nation reported:


Earlier this week, news broke regarding racially charged remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The Beverly Hills billionaire was subsequently punished by the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.

O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to Harlem, N.Y. to discuss the case, as well as the state of racism in America.

“It’s a reflection of the general sense of what the country’s been built on,” one woman said of Sterling’s remarks.

“He’s ignorant,” a man said…

…Watters asked the first gentleman he interviews whether the US is racist as a whole:

“Everybody’s racist on-the-low” he said, “You might be calling me an [expletive] in your house, I don’t know!” he said

“I’m not,” Watters said. “I never said you were,” the man responded, “I said you could be.”

“I’m poor. I don’t have enough money to be racist,” he continued.

Another young man criticized Sterling’s comments, asserting that the embodiment of a “diverse culture is the only way we can succeed in America.”

“I thought Obama was supposed to heal racism,” Watters said to one woman.

“He is not healing racism!” she said, “racism is everywhere now.”

“He’s doing nothing for any of us,” another man said.

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