MS-13 Cartel Enforcers Kidnap & Torture Two Youths In St. Paul, Minnesota

MS13 is the most dangerous gang in the world.

Leaders of the transnational organized criminal gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) even ordered a hit on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent in New York.

Federal officials this week reported that MS-13 enforcers flew to Minnesota to kidnap and torture two local teens.

Three drug cartel enforcers flew to St. Paul, Minnesota last month, kidnapped two local teens, and tortured them for hours.
The Star Tribune reported, via The Last Tradition:


Three enforcers hired by Mexico’s biggest drug cartel flew from Los Angeles to Minnesota last month, kidnapped two local teenagers, and then tortured them for hours at a house in St. Paul in an effort to recover stolen drugs, according to court documents reviewed by the Star Tribune.

Acting under orders from the Sinaloa cartel, the three kidnappers were trying to determine who had stolen 30 pounds of methamphetamine and $200,000 from a stash house on Palace Avenue in St. Paul. Before the episode was over, they had issued death threats against the Minnesota pair and their families, demanding that they find the missing drugs or come up with $300,000 to compensate the cartel.

Two of the three enforcers are now in custody and federal indictments are expected as soon as this week. The case is the latest illustration of the stunning escalation of drug trafficking in Minnesota, which has seen a surge in narcotics dealing, heroin overdoses and drug busts, including a series of raids last month that produced 65 arrests.

Federal authorities who cracked the case say they are not surprised by the no-tolerance approach of the Sinaloa cartel, which has built a multimillion-dollar Midwest drug trade with brutal efficiency. What made this mission startling, they say, is that rather than using its own muscle, the cartel hired members of one of the most feared transnational gangs in the United States and Latin America — the MS-13 organization.

The incident is unprecedented in Minnesota, according to federal investigators, and signals the extreme measures cartels will use to make sure their local operations are not compromised.

The cartel hired hit men from Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) to threaten the teens.
FOX Latina reported:

What worries them is that instead of using their own people, the cartel apparently hired the hit men from the feared Mara Salvatrucha 13 street gang (MS-13).

One of the men, 22-year old Jonatan Alvarez Delgado, was arrested in Minnesota and confessed to the crime. Another, Jesus Ramirez, 31, was captured in California after leading FBI agents on a chase through downtown Los Angeles and the third, known only as “Chapop,” is still at large.

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