Lying on Obamacare Forms Could Cost You $250,000

Lying on Obamacare forms to get taxpayer-subsidized coverage could cost you $250,000.
obamacare prison

More than 1 million Americans may be getting health insurance subsidies that are too high or too low.
The AP reported:

Lying to the federal health insurance man could cost you dearly.

The Obama administration Friday spelled out civil fines of up to $250,000 for knowingly and willfully providing false information to get taxpayer-subsidized coverage under the new health care law.

New regulations say the fines also apply for lying to escape the law’s requirement that most Americans carry health insurance.

If you fail to provide correct information — but there’s no malicious intent— you still risk a $25,000 fine. It can be waived if there’s a reasonable explanation and you acted in good faith.

Enrollment counselors are also subject to fines for disclosing or misusing an applicant’s personal information.

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