Jailed Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim Gives Birth – Now Ready for Hanging

sudan woman christian

Sudanese Christian, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for apostacy has given birth to a baby girl.  The girl has been named Maya and she was born inside the prison clinic. Neither parents have been able to see her and Meriam was never taken to a hospital. Meriam will be allowed to nurse her daughter for two years before her sentence of 100 lashes and death by hanging is carried out.

The Telegraph reported:

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, gave birth to the girl – her second child – in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in the hospital wing of the prison.

“They didn’t even take Meriam to a hospital – she just delivered inside a prison clinic,” As Elshareef Ali Elshareef Mohammed, her lawyer, told The Telegraph.

“But neither her husband nor I have been allowed to see them yet.”

Mr Elshareef said he and Daniel Wani, Ms Ibrahim’s husband, were still waiting outside the prison at 2pm in Khartoum 

Please keep the Ibrahim family in your prayers.

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