Illinois Teacher Arrested for Making Bomb Threat at Her Own School (Video)

An Illinois teacher was arrested today for making a bomb threat at her own school.

Michelle Smith teaches taught at Calhoun County High School.
KMOV reported:

A 36-year-old Calhoun County teacher faces charges after she allegedly made a bomb threat at her own school.

Michelle Smith, of Jerseyville, Ill., was charged Thursday with falsely making a terrorist threat.

According to court documents, someone was inside a Calhoun County High School bathroom around 1 p.m. Wednesday when they found a typed letter stating a bomb was inside the school.
The letter read;

“This school is going down today. KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im tired of all the people here. Everyone is going down, the school will b n flames. It is so stupid here. I cant take it ne more. The teachers suck and don’t do ne thing to help u. All that matters is what ur name is. If I had certain names I would not have the truble I do. Don’t matter, this place sucks and will not be here for long. So long and GOOD-BYE!!!!!!!!!”

Students and teachers evacuated the Hardin, Ill. school and officers searched for explosives, but found none.

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