If Benghazi Was a Non-Scandal – Why So Many Lies?

Guest post by Joel Smuckler

Picking up on a point made by Robert Stacy McCain in his article–
Benghazi: A Hole in the Tick-Tock

hillary what difference
What Difference at this point, does it make?


Indeed.  If there is no difference, if Benghazi really didn’t matter, then why did the president and the Secretary of State lie about it for weeks afterwards?  Why was it so important to lie about it?  Just this week, Jay Carney lied about it again!!

20 months later and we still do not have answers to basic questions.  For instance, where was the president that evening while his ambassador was being killed?  We now know he was not in the situation room at any time during the evening.  Where was this absentee president?  What was he doing that was more important than Benghazi?  We still do not know…we can only guess

Some articles for those who need some background:

  1. Cairo Egypt protests planned before anti-Muslim video was ever released    [Oopsy, guess we just lost that connection…]
  2. Documents Show Obama Administration Was Warned of Benghazi Attack Days Before 9-11 Assault   [They knew it was coming…]
  3. The Military Knew Immediately That The Benghazi Attack Was A Terrorist Attack And Not A “Protest Gone Awry”    [They knew who did it…]
  4. Benghazi Emails Show White House Effort to Protect Obama During Election    [Why is Benghazi important?  They did not want obama to take the blame and wanted his re-election…this action may have changed the result of a presidential election]
  5. You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up: Jay Carney: New Emails Not About Benghazi …Even Though They’re Entitled ‘Benghazi’   [Four people dead. Cover up still in progress…]
  6. BREAKING: New Benghazi Documents Reveal Obama White House Hid Truth From Congress (Video)    [Obstruction Of Justice? Evidence Of Systemic, Intentional Effort To Hide The Truth From Congress…]

Many liberals said at the time, “I’m sure the Obama administration will look into it.”  Yeah, that misplaced confidence is not looking so good right now, is it?

Just a reminder, this next item is the kind of thing that happens when there is no accountability and no effort to identify who did whatThree Story Museum Devoted to Islam Planned at Ground Zero.

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