Grassroots Activists Speak Out in Defense of Tea Party Leaders

St. Louis Tea Party rally in 2009

The Washington Post recently published another hit piece on the Tea Party, the Tea Party movement and the Tea Party Patriots. It was the latest assault on the Tea Party by the Democrat-Media Complex and the research involved in the report makes you wonder if they had a bit of help with the piece(?) The WaPo claimed Tea Party groups raised a lot of money but didn’t do much for grassroots activists. Obviously, they didn’t speak to a many of the Tea Party members. I asked the Tea Party Patriots for comment and they let their members speak for themselves. Here are four comments from active Tea Party members.

“What does the tea party do with its money…plenty.  They have grassroots training conferences all the time.  (these are working conferences, not BS blowhard conferences).   I have personally been to many.  Just recently, TPP had a three day conference in DC where it paid for the hotel and half the transportation costs of the 300 plus chapter leaders from around the country who attended.”
– Conrad Quagliaroli, Georgia


“The Tea Party Patriots have been front-and-center in the IRS Inquisition.” 
– Justin Binik-Thomas, Ohio

“The fiscal conservative Senate, [which] Tea Party Patriots enabled our group to elect, saved WA taxpayers Billions of dollars in taxes.  Literally Billions.”
– Woody Hertzog, Washington State 

“I would like to express my total, unqualified support of Jenny Beth Martin and the Tea Party Patriots [for] the work that has been done to organize, educate, inspire and empower our citizens and volunteers to fight for our Constitutional Republic.”
– Joe Dugan, South Carolina

There are 15 million more similar comments where these came from.
Maybe next time the Washington Post writes a hit piece about grassroots tea partiers, they might want to hear from one or two of them first.  Oh, and we all look forward to a similar hit piece on the many left leaning political groups. They shouldn’t be too hard to find – they’re the ones that weren’t targeted by the IRS.

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