Brrr… Antarctic Sea Ice at Record Levels By ‘Significant Margin’

Don’t expect this to get much media attention…
ice antarctic record
Antarctic sea ice is at record levels this year. (The Australian)

Antarctic sea ice reached record levels in April and early May this year.
But, climate change is real!
Canada Free Press reported:

Antarctic sea ice has expanded to record levels for April, increasing by more than 110,000sq km a day last month to nine million square kilometres. The National Snow and Ice Data Centre said the rapid expansion had continued into May and the seasonal cover was now bigger than the record “by a significant margin’’. “This exceeds the past record for the satellite era by about 320,000sq km, which was set in April 2008,’’ the centre said.—Graham Lloyd, The Australian, 12 May 2014…

…Himalayan glaciers – for years one of the poster children of the “man-made global warming is real and we’re all doomed” movement – are in no imminent danger whatsoever, a new study has found. Of the 2018 glaciers mapped and monitored for the survey, nearly 87 per cent were found to be stable while only 12 per cent were found to be in retreat. These real-world observations are in marked contrast to the predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its 2007 report that the Himalayan glaciers could disappear “by 2035.”—James Delingpole, Breitbart London, 12 May 2014.

This follows one of the coldest winters ever in the United States.

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