A JOKE?… Obama Says My “Number One Priority” Is to Create More Jobs

Yesterday we found out another 800,000 Americans left the work force.
The Labor Force Participation Rate plummeted to its lowest rate since 1978.
labor partic april
The number of Americans out of the labor force is now an all time high – 92 million.

unemployment jobs line
Another Obama unemployment line

So, it’s laughable that Barack Obama today claimed his “number one priority” was to create more jobs.
Via The White House:


Hi, everybody. My number one priority as President is doing whatever I can to create more jobs and opportunity for hardworking families. And yesterday, we learned that businesses added 273,000 jobs last month. All told, our businesses have now created 9.2 million new jobs over 50 consecutive months of job growth.

But we need to keep going — to create more good jobs, and give middle-class families a sense of security. And I want to work with Congress to do it.

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