There He Goes Again… Liberal Darling Alec Baldwin Tweets ANOTHER Homophobic Slur

He can’t help himself.
Eternally bitter leftist Alec Baldwin attacked conservative Garrett Jackson with a homophobic slur on Twitter – that he later deleted.
baldwin tweet homophobe

The Daily Mail reported:

Alec Baldwin has gotten into another allegedly homophobic war of words, this time with Mitt Romney’s former body man.

The original tweets have since been deleted but on Wednesday afternoon, the actor had a pointed exchange with Garrett Jackson and though it started on a political note it quickly turned personal.

Baldwin made a reference to Jackson being ‘on his knees’ and Jackson quickly pointed out the homophobic overtones in the statement.

Andrew Marcus weighed in…


At least Alec didn’t call him a “C–k-sucking F-g!”
baldwin fag

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