St. Louis Area Sergeant Was One of Victims in Ft. Hood Shooting

U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Owens from Effingham, Illinois was one of the victims in Wednesday’s mass shooting at Fort Hood.

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Crosses honoring victims of the Fort Hood shooting, including Illinois native Army Sgt. Timothy Owens (inset). (Reuters, family photo)

CBS Local reported:


Relatives say a U.S. Army sergeant from Illinois was one of the soldiers killed in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

Family members identified the victim as U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Owens, a native of Effingham, Ill.

Owens was one of four people — including the gunman — killed during the Wednesday attack at the U.S. Army base in central Texas. Another 16 were wounded.

Glen Welton of Effingham is Owens’ cousin. Welton says he learned of Owens’ death Wednesday in a telephone call from Owens’ wife, Billie Owens.

Welton was not familiar with details of Sgt. Owens’ death.

Owens’ mother, 77-year-old Mary Muntean of Effingham, said she had learned of her son’s death in a phone call with her daughter-in-law, too.

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