REPORT: Tax Exempt Media Matters Engaged in Anti-Romney Attacks in Run-Up to 2012 Election

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor


Media Matters for America engaged in a sustained pro-Obama, anti-Romney campaign in the month before the 2012 presidential election according to a report by Garth Kant published at World Net Daily on Wednesday.

Media Matters is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that is supposed to avoid making statements for or against political candidates. The IRS recently revoked the tax-exempt status for the conservative Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty for posting anti-Hillary Clinton and John Kerry statements to its Web site.


david brock twitter wide

As Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday, Media Matters Chairman David Brock describes himself on his Twitter profile as a “Democratic political activist.” Brock uses the account to promote Media Matters activities.

In a study of articles posted to the Media Matters Web site in the month before the 2012 presidential election, World Net Daily reports it found 238 articles that contained the word “Romney.” World Net Daily says of those 238 articles, “virtually all of them either supporting the incumbent, (Democrat) President (Barack) Obama, or opposing the challenger, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.”

The article provides a sampling of Media Matters headlines from that period. Here are just a few:

“Fox’s Hemmer Parrots Romney’s ’12 Million Jobs’ Lie”

“Conservative Media Attack Obama Campaign, Media for Pointing Out Romney Debate Falsehoods”

“George Will Dismisses Romney’s Anti-Women’s Rights Stances”

As Kant points out, Media Matters is hiding behind the legal fig leaf of media watchdog to attack Romney and defend Obama.

The evidence is there for the IRS to act to revoke Media Matters’ tax-exempt status for engaging in electioneering as it did to the Patrick Henry Center.

Will David Brock’s status as a “Democratic political activist” protect his group Media Matters from the application of equal justice under law by the hyper-partisan Obama administration?

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