Pro-Life Display Vandalized TWICE at University of Miami

grad cap memorial display

A pro-life display was vandalized twice in two days at the University of Miami campus this week.
Breitbart reported, via Politomix:

A pro-life display at the University of Miami (UM) has been vandalized twice over the last several days. UM Respect Life students reportedly had their display items destroyed and thrown into a trash bin, and the pro-lifers themselves were excoriated by fellow students who told them they were trying to induce guilt in women who had abortions.

According to Students for Life in America (SFLA), UM Respect Life’s display signs were found on Wednesday morning–destroyed and dumped in a trash bin. The day before, fellow students called members of Respect Life sexist, said their purpose was to make women feel guilty about their abortions, and brought their complaints to the university president.

After rebuilding their display, members of UM Respect Life found it trashed once again on Thursday, and this time, their graduation cap cut-outs, representing the number of 2014 graduates who are missing because of abortion, were torn to pieces.

Though campus security reportedly refused to make any effort to protect the pro-life display, university administrators have assured members of Respect Life that the incident is under investigation and that their right to free speech will be respected and protected.

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