Muslim Rioters Torch Two Catholic Churches in Nigeria

catholic church nigeria

Muslim rioters torched two Catholic churches in Futua Town, Nigeria this week. This came after rumors spread of blasphemous remarks about the prophet Mohammad.
The Guardian LV reported:

Youth in Futua Town, Nigeria, rioted and attempted to burn down a school before settling on two Catholic Churches in the community. According to civil defense forces in the country, a youth had reported that last week a teacher, who served as a youth corps member at the school, had asked questions on an examination that were allegedly blasphemous to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. One of the youths in the class informed someone outside of the school of the offense, and this started outrage among the Islamic community of the area.

A spokesman for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Aliyu Jamilu said the mob was outraged over an alleged insult to the prophet. He added that it appeared as if questions on an examination and lessons taught in an SS2 class were defamatory in nature toward Mohammad, and the youths were insulted by the content of the class and exam. He added that, despite the presence of soldiers, some of the school was damaged, but this was not confirmed by other sources.

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