Krauthammer on Obama’s Health Care Numbers: “He Makes This Stuff Up With a Brazenness That’s Almost Admirable” (Video)

Charles Krauthammer blasted Barack Obama after his press conference yesterday where he now claims 8 million people had signed up for Obamacare.
“He makes stuff up with a brazenness that’s almost admirable.”

FOX News Insider reported:

The Special Report All-Star Panel weighed in after President Obama touted the success of ObamaCare in remarks at the White House, lashing out at Republican critics.

“We now know that the number of Americans who’ve signed up for private insurance in the marketplaces has grown to eight million people. … They said nobody would sign up. They were wrong about that. They said it would be unaffordable for the country. They were wrong about that,” Obama said.

George Will noted that Obama’s remarks were a “tour de force of Obama rhetoric,” criticizing the president for attacking a “straw man” by claiming that the GOP said “nobody would sign up.”

“No Republican ever said any such thing,” said Will, adding that Obama then moved on to declaring the debate over, as he has done with other issues like climate change and gay marriage.

Charles Krauthammer disputed the notion that the new health care law is working, saying doctors, hospitals, and insurers are getting a “worse deal” and in the end consumers will be hurt the most.

“It’s working in that it exists. It breathes,” he said, questioning how Obama can link reduced health care costs from the recession to the ObamaCare implementation.

“It couldn’t possibly have retroactively affected last year’s numbers. I mean, he makes this stuff up with a brazenness that is almost admirable,” said Krauthammer.

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