FOX & Friends: Far Left Media Matters Helped CBS News with Stories

FOX and Friends picked up the stunning admission by Sharyl Attkisson that the far left smear website Media Matters was working with CBS News on their reports.
doocy cbs mmfa

Mediaite reported:

“Keep in mind, Media Matters is a George Soros-funded, way left-of-center political group,” Doocy informed Fox’s audience on Monday. “And for a bona fide member of the mainstream media to be taking their assistance, which is clearly propaganda, is extraordinary.”

“They’re not a watchdog, they’re an attack dog,” Doocy said after playing a clip of Attkisson giving a description of the group’s mission statement.

Media Matters recently responded to Attkisson’s allegation, saying that her charge is based only on her already “shoddy reporting.” Doocy observed that MMFA did not deny the charge that they sought to help produce stories she was researching.

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