DESPICABLE: Talking Points Memo Smears Sharyl Attkisson as ‘Crazy’ in Sexist Attack

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor


Josh Marshall, the editor and publisher of the leftists media site Talking Points Memo, attacked former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson in an article published Monday morning that reeks of sexism.

Attkisson is in the news for her interview with CNN on Sunday in which she revealed that the Democratic Part front group Media Matters for America helped produce news reports for CBS News.


Attkisson also speculated that Media Matters is being paid by donors to wage an attack campaign against her over her reporting that was critical of the Obama administration.

Marshall’s article is headlined How To Make Yourself Sound Nuts 101.

As every feminist knows, the quickest way for a man to dismiss an inconvenient woman is to question her sanity in public.

Marshall insinuates that Attkisson is paranoid because she claimed her computer was hacked. Then after noting her speculation about Media Matters, Marshall says she has, “serious temperament issues.”

Ah, yes, the woman doesn’t know that her place is being subservient to the Soviet States of Obama.

Marshall closes his sexist hit piece with a sneering reference to the Ingrid Bergman film, Gaslight, in which Bergman is slowly driven crazy by her murderous husband by his surreptitious adjustment of the gaslights in their home, among other devices he employs to drive her around the bend.

“Again, if Media Matters’ intention was to gaslight her, they appear to have succeeded in spades.”


Note: Media Matters published a response to Attkisson on Monday morning that completely ignored her claim that the group worked with her to produce reports for CBS News. Media Matters derided Attkisson as a conspiracy theorist, headling the piece, “Sharyl Attkisson’s Media Matters Conspiracy Theory, furthering the left’s sexist ‘crazy’ attack on Attkission.

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