BREAKING>>> Jewish Center Shooter GLENN MILLER Was in Witness Protection Program

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., from Aurora, Missouri, founded and built the only White people’s party ever in the U.S. – the White Patriot Party – between 1980 to 1986, with a peak membership of around 5000.
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On Sunday Glenn Miller shot three people dead outside two Jewish Centers in Overland Park, Kansas.

After going underground, Glenn Miller was arrested on April 30, 1987 in Ozark, Missouri, on numerous Federal criminal charges in the company of three other men (Tony Wydra, Robert “Jack” Jackson, and Douglas Sheets), who were also taken into Federal custody.

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Glenn Miller (with bullhorn), who headed the White Patriot Party in the 1980s, frequently called for violence. Twenty years later, his son, Jesse, was killed after inexplicably opening fire on a would-be Good Samaritan and a police officer.


After his arrest, Miller agreed to testify against several other defendants in a major Federal sedition trial in Arkansas. He served three years (1987-1990) in Federal prison, following his conviction for weapons violations, as well as for violating the injunction proscribing him from engaging in paramilitary activities.

Glenn Miller testified at the 1988 trial of 13 white supremacist leaders. He is now loathed as a traitor by much of the extreme right.

Now this…
According to an anonymous source, The Gateway Pundit was informed this afternoon that Glenn Miller was once shielded by the witness protection program.

The KC Star just released this report:

The federal government appears to have shielded murder suspect F. Glenn Miller Jr. in the early 1990s as part of its witness protection program, potentially providing money for his family — and causing lingering confusion over his name.

Federal authorities on Tuesday would not confirm his participation in the program, as is their policy.

But records strongly suggest he has spent at least some time under the government’s protective umbrella.

In 1987, Miller reached a plea bargain with federal prosecutors on weapons charges. In exchange for a reduced sentence, he agreed to testify against associates in paramilitary and white supremacist movements.

But Miller’s plea bargain likely included federal witness protection services as well. The 1987 sentencing memorandum recommended witness protection for Miller, according to Chris Shields, a domestic terrorism researcher.

Miller’s 1999 autobiography, “A White Man Speaks Out,” provides his account.

“I was to plead guilty to one count of felony possession of a hand grenade and answer all questions posed to me by the authorities,” Miller wrote. “In return, they would recommend a 5-year prison sentence, immunity from any further prosecution by either state or federal authorities, and entrance into the Federal Witness Protection Program which included the financial support of my family while I served my sentence.”

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Takeaway Questions:
** So did Glenn Miller purchase the guns used in his shooting using the clean Social Security number provided by the US government?

** Did he snap because the government was done trying to use him and cut off his funds?

** When was the last time a government official offered Miller/Cross money for information?

These questions need to be answered.

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