KARL ROVE: Jeb Bush Is “The Biggest Thinker on Our Side” (Video)

Oh, good grief!
Karl Rove believes Jeb Bush is “the biggest thinker” in the Republican party today.
jeb bush  thinker

Rove was asked today if Jeb Bush was going to run for president.

“If I were betting I’d say yes. But, here’s the thing. He’s a very deliberate thoughtful guy. He’s the biggest thinker on our side. I’m glad he’s thinking about doing it.”

Via FOX News Sunday:


Here are a few examples of Jeb Bush’s big thinking ideas:

** Illegal immigrants come to US in an “act of love”

** Illegal immigrants are “risk takers”

** Ted Cruz needs to have “a little bit of self restraint”

** Conservative critics are “the chirpers”

** Pass immigration because “immigrants are more fertile”

** If president, I would govern like LBJ

** Praises Mitt Romney for having “common ground” with Obama

** Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting nominated by today’s ultra-conservative GOP party

** I’d raise taxes to cut the deficit

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