AWFUL!… Obama: Malaysia Has Work to Do on Human Rights… Just Likes the United States (Video)

How awful.
Barack Obama bashes the United States while visiting Malaysia.
Obama says Malaysia has some work to do on human rights… Just like the United States.

“I think the prime minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia’s still got some work to do just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues. Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things we shoud be doing…”

Via Digitas Daily:

For the record… Malaysia just imprisoned the opposition leader for five years on rumors he was gay.
Forbes reported:


Anwar now faces jail for a second time, having been sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment in 1999 for corruption and sodomy; he served six years either in jail or police custody awaiting trial, most of it in solitary confinement, until his release in 2004 after one of the original charges was overturned. He was arrested once again on sodomy charges in 2008, and acquitted in January 2012, but the government appealed the decision, and on Friday that acquittal was overturned.

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