UKRAINIAN SOLDIER KILLED As Russians Storm Crimean Base …Update: Ukrainian Troops Arrested (Photos)

A Ukrainian solder was shot and killed today in Crimea.
The base captain was wounded and another soldier was shot in the leg.

soldier ukraine shot dead
First Ukrainian soldier killed in the war with Russia.

Deutsche Welle reported:


Ukraine’s military says a base in Crimea has been stormed with one serviceman killed, following Russia’s signing of a treaty to incorporate Crimea. The Ukrainian premier says the crisis has now become a military one.

Troops stormed a Ukrainian base on the outskirts of Simferopol on Tuesday, according to a Ukrainian military spokesman.

One Ukrainian officer was initially reported to have been wounded in the neck. The Interfax and Reuters news agencies reported that a soldier had been killed.

Kyiv, which blamed Russia for the attack, authorized Ukrainian troops to use weapons if necessary to defend themselves.

A reporter for the AFP news agency said a burst of gunfire had been heard from a Ukrainian military unit in a suburb northeast of Simferopol. Two ambulances were seen driving into the area.

The Ukrainian troops were arrested:

The Ukrainians were detained on their own base–

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