“They Stuffed a Scarf in My Mouth to Stop Me from Screaming” – Medea Benjamin on Egypt Deportation

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

medea sling

Medea Benjamin displays ‘the violence inherent in the system.’ Photo by Code Pink

Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin; leader of the terrorist support group Code Pink held a press conference at the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, D.C. on Thursday to protest her deportation from Cairo earlier this week.

Benjamin spoke outside in the cold for about twenty minutes straight explaining how she tried to visit Egypt as a pass-through to Hamas controlled Gaza for a ‘women’s rights conference’.
Benjamin expressed bewilderment at why the government would not let her in to agitate on behalf of the terrorist group Hamas. Unmentioned by Benjamin was her and Code Pink’s work with the now banned Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the government of former President Hosni Mubarak. Also unmentioned was Code Pink’s fundraising for al Qaeda families in Yemen.

Benjamin confirms a report that she threatened to disrupt U.S.-Egyptian relations if she was deported.

Pop some popcorn, crack open a beer and settle in for the most dramatic solo performance on film since Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

Spoiler: Not to make light of her pain, but the best scene is Benjamin describing how fed up Egyptian security did what so many have been wanting to do for years–they put a scarf in her mouth to shut her up as she caterwauled her way across the airport. BTW, her arm was not broken and she was not brutally beaten as she claimed. From her post on Twitter and her own tale of woe told by herself at the press conference, her arm was dislocated when she was forcibly handcuffed as she pitched a fit and refused to go along peaceably when security came to deport her. Basically, Medea Benjamin’s big mouth wrote a check her brittle 61 year old body couldn’t cash.

On Friday, Egypt will deport the rest of the so-called Gaza Solidarity delegation that the government had detained at the Cairo airport, according to a report on TurkishPress.com.

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