Rebecca Solnit: Buses are Alien Spaceship Overlords Oppressing Us

Every day in traffic, Rebecca Solnit sees them... watching her, plotting her demise, and no one understands the threat of... the bus!

Every day in traffic, Rebecca Solnit sees them… watching her, plotting her demise, and no one understands the threat of… the bus!

San Francisco has become a tourist-destination for crazy. Whether it’s the depravity of the Folsom Street Fair, or the other documentary evidence in SanFran provided by the wonderful photographer at ZombieTime, SanFran is well known for crazy.

So what do you do if you’re a raging leftist who is surrounded by people self-segregating into exclusively hard-left worldviews? You attack the moderate leftists of course.

Google is a left-wing company. They manipulate search returns for political purposes. Their company actions are consistently in line with a pro-state, pro-left-wing position. But they’re also enormously profitable. So that caused local ‘community activists’ to decry the growth of Google, because it’s, after all, a profitable corporation that isn’t Whole Foods.

In the same way that Starbucks engendered irrational hatred among the left-wing crowd, they are now agitating against Google, upset at the increasing property values, and the influx of highly-educated engineers into their communities. The latest maelstorm is about Google buses that transport engineers from one part of the city to another, so as to offset the impact of higher property rates around the Google campus.

Which is left-wing tactics 101: once you get what you want, demand twice as much. When you know that they’ll give into your irrational demands, clearly they’ll give in some more.

Local writer-activist Rebecca Solnit summed up the populist perspective about the buses when she wrote recently in the London Review of Books that “some days I think of them as the spaceships on which our alien overlords have landed to rule over us.”

It would have been tough to equate Google with the nazis, so that comparison was out. It would have been odd to compare it to George Wallace, so Solnit couldn’t traipse out that tired trope, there was just no appropriate left-wing archetype/framing/metaphor to explain why she should hate buses, even though she needed to, so she used aliens.

Leftist Rebecca Solnit, speaking as a wonderful representative sample of the mental disease of left-wing thought, compared buses transporting white collar engineers to spaceships of alien overlords ruling over her. Now, sure, she’s clearly insane, but her worldview is quite dangerous because without any shame she can say something like this to an international reporter, and she will be 1) taken seriously, 2) feel no shame, 3) allowed to use this and flawed thinking like this to pressure Google to become even more left-wing.

And that’s what this is all about, it’s what all ‘community organizing’ on the left is really about: power.

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