North Korean Men Ordered to Get Kim Jong Un-Style Haircuts

kim jong un cut

According to media reports North Korean men are ordered to get Kim Jong Un-style haircuts.
The Washington Post reported:

A number of news outlets have picked up on unusual news out of North Korea today: Male citizens of the Hermit Kingdom are being forced to get “Kim Jong Un-style” haircuts.

The story goes that male citizens in North Korean capital Pyongyong have had new guidelines to replicate Kim’s distinctive haircut for the past couple of weeks, and the plan is to go national with the guidelines. As you can probably understand, not everyone is happy with the news. “It doesn’t always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes,” one source was reported as saying.

It’s a crazy story, but where did it come from? And should we believe it?

Well, let’s first consider the source. For example, the BBC picked up the story on its News from Elsewhere blog, sourcing much of the story to the Korea Times, an English-language paper published by the Hankook Ilbo group. The Korea Times, meanwhile, appears to have gotten the story from Radio Free Asia, a non-profit funded in part by the United States government. Radio Free Asia’s story only appears on the Korean-language version of its Web site, though a representative says that it will be translated soon.

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