MUST SEE>>> Republican Joni Ernst’s “Squeal” Ad: “I Grew Up Castrating Hogs” (Video)

Joni Ernst – Mother, Grandmother, Soldier, Conservative

Joni Ernst grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so in Washington, she’ll know how to cut pork.

I believe that as a mother, a soldier, and a proven conservative, the values I hold dear, and have fought more than 20 years to protect, are being threatened. Threatened by the failed policies of this president, and by typical politicians in Washington who care more about reelection than doing what’s right.

Washington politicians have failed us. They have abandoned the principles that have made our nation great, and ignored the Constitution. It’s going to take real leadership to protect the values we hold dear, and reverse the damage that’s been done. And that’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate.

Joni has been endorsed by SARAH PALIN and MITT ROMNEY.


Joni’s ad “Squeal” is garnering national attention.

As a side note: My sister, a life-long Democrat in southern Iowa, called to tell me about how much she respected Joni Ernst and what a good friend she is. That says a lot coming from my sister.

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