MISSING #MH370: Malaysia Air to Give Family Members “$5,000” for Each Passenger

Angry relatives of Chinese passengers aboard flight MH370 scuffled with security personnel as they descended on Malaysia’s embassy in Beijing today in a rare protest.

Malaysia Airlines announced it would provide $5,000 to family members for each missing passenger of the missing flight MH370.
First Post reported:

Malaysia Airlines says it is providing comprehensive support for the families of the 239 people aboard Flight 370.

FOOD AND LODGING: Hotel, transportation, meals and other expenses have been provided for up to five family members per passenger since the flight disappeared March 8, and the airline intends to continue the support as long as families require it.

FINANCIAL HELP: The airline provided US$5,000 per passenger to the next of kin initially and will offer more payments as the search for the jetliner continues.

ROUND-THE-CLOCK CARE: It has assigned more than 700 caregivers — including two per family — to offer support and counseling to families on a 24-hour basis.

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