Missing @AndrewBreitbart on Second Anniversary of His Sudden Death

Two years ago today I was sitting at my desk and got a call from conservative activist Melissa Clothier.
Andrew was dead.

Andrew Breitbart may have left us but he lives in our minds and hearts and our collective consciousness. Andrew will never leave us. Today we have myriads of video, of photos, televised speeches and interviews to recapture his zest for life and his amazing ability to make you laugh and take action.

On this day, Hating Breitbart released this never before seen clip.
“Your Peril Will Be My Peril”

(I was in the room with Andrew during this interview in Minneapolis.)


Andrew in Israel.

I took a chopper ride with Andrew Breitbart, Larry Solov, Scott Johnson and other bloggers over Israel and down to Gaza in 2007.

Rest in peace, Andrew. We miss you.

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