Krauthammer: “Obama Looks Really Weak. The Allies Know He’s Weak. The Russians Know He’s Weak” (Video)

Author and columnist Charles Krauthammer ripped Barack Obama today on his delusional foreign policy where he looks down his nose at Putin and lectures him about behaving like a 19th Century leader in a 21st Century world.
This was another brilliant analysis by Sir Charles.

Obama really looks weak. And the allies know he’s weak. The Russians know he’s weak. The allies in the rest of the world outside of Europe are scared to death. And our adversaries are emboldened. There’s no question about it. Today he actually said in that press conference that Russia was just a regional power acting out of weakness. Out of weakness? He just became the first person in history to take the Crimean peninsula without a shot… He (Obama) is living in a fantasy world very clearly described by him and his Secretary of state… They look down their noses at Putin. Obama and Kerry are the ones living in a fantasy world.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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