DailyKos/Timothy Lange: Hospitals Unnecessary for Doctors

The DailyKos isn’t an oasis of sanity most days, but usually the self-contradictions within their postings aren’t so obvious as those today by Timothy Lange, who goes by the name “Meteor Blades” on Daily Kos:
Lange is upset that Louisiana is talking about creating a registry of abortions in the state, no doubt to create reliable CDC reporting of this dangerous procedure, as well as to avoid repeats of abortionist monsters like Kermit Gosnell and Rapin Osathanondh in Massachusetts who only got 6 months for killing 22 year old Laura Hope Smith.
Not to mention the now-regular reports of Planned Parenthood covering up cases of statutory rape through abortions by older men.
Lange is understandably ignorant of these things, since the media refuses to report negative stories about abortion.
But Lange trips over his own words. He says:
“As for requiring abortion-providing doctors to have hospital admitting privileges, this is one of the means forced-birthers in several other states—Mississippi, North Dakota and Texas—have imposed or tried to impose on clinics in order to shut them down.”Now of course this is medically just about the stupidest thing you could ever read anywhere.Such an invasive procedure such as a surgical abortion can have a wide variety of complications, and, as in the Laura Hope Smith case, a patient can die in the minutes where a negligent doctor hesitates about what to do. For a group of people who constantly fear-monger about the return of “back alley abortion” days, they certainly want to keep abortion unsafe, legal, and common. Even abortion Barbie Wendy Davis admitted that she supported the regulations in the Texas regulations to make abortion safer, and increase the standard of care for women seeking abortions.

Lange is a disgusting wretch whose pro-abortion vitriol exposes his underlying ideological passion for cut-up babies. He fits in well at DailyKos.

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