Winter Olympics Interview – Viewers Say Obama Looked Stoned

The 2014 Sochi Olympics kick off tonight on NBC.
In the first half hour…
Already Bob Costas talked politics.
Barack Obama was interviewed with fluff questions.
Barack Obama lectured Russia on gay rights.

Maybe he’s tired?

And viewers think Obama was stoned.
Via Kristinn:
obama stoned

Kristinn Taylor added:

President Barack Obama left many viewers with the impression that he was stoned on drugs during his interview broadcast Friday night on NBC as part of the network’s coverage of the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony. The session with Bob Costas was taped Thursday by remote with Obama at the White House and Costas in Sochi, Russia.

This screen capture posted to Twitter by M. Joseph Parry shows Obama with droopy eyelids, bloodshot eyes and a droopy mouth.
Parry commented: “Uh, I am pretty sure President Obama is high in this NBC sports interview.”

Parry was not alone in his observation. Twitter lit up with user’s astonishment at Obama’s stoned appearance in the interview.

Obama was a stoner in high school and college to the point he reportedly sucked the last wisp of pot smoke from the interior roof of cars when he and the choom gang, as he and his druggie friends called themselves, got high

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