University of Alabama Removes Pro-Life Display… It Was Offensive

prolife display

The University of Alabama removed a pro-life display from a hallway recently.
A school official said it was offensive. Now the pro-life student group is filing a complaint with the university.
The Alliance Defending Freedom reported:

A University of Alabama official removed a pro-life student group’s hallway display last week without any notification to the group after she claimed that some students found the display offensive. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys represent the student group, Bama Students for Life, which provided a letter to the university Tuesday to register a formal complaint about the incident.

The display, which featured several abortion-related facts, pictures of women who died as a result of having an abortion, and two small pictures of aborted babies, was among numerous other student group displays. The president of Bama Students for Life captured the official onvideo claiming that university policy allows her to remove displays that have “offensive or graphic material”; however, the university’s policy pertaining to display cases mentions nothing about offensive or graphic content.


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