Racist NAACP Official: GOP Uses People of Color as ‘Mouthpieces’

North Carolina NAACP leader, Reverend William Barber, attacked black conservatives again this week. The outspoken racist told supporters the GOP uses “people of color” as “mouthpieces.”

Rev. William Barber has a long history of making outrageous racist comments. In 2013, he compared Republicans to Democrat George Wallace.

National Review reported:


The same NAACP official who called South Carolina Republican senator Tim Scott a ventriloquist’s “dummy” is at it again. On Tuesday, Reverend William Barber, director of the North Carolina NAACP, described minorities who support conservative causes “mouthpieces.”

“They frantically seek out people of color to become mouthpieces for their particular agenda,” Barber said on a conference call.

He also addressed the Scott comments, which he had previously defended. He said his remarks had “nothing to do with color,” because they were intended to apply to anyone who supported Republican platforms, such as South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and North Carolina governor Pat McCrory: “The issue is: Who are you a mouthpiece for when you fight the implementation of the Affordable Care Act?” he said.

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