It Begins. AZ Business Owner Receives Death Threats For Supporting SB 1062

PNI SB1062 rally
This photo speaks volumes – Tolerance is a one-way street for the opponents of SB 1062, the Arizona religious rights bill. (LA Times)

The tolerant left strikes again.
An Arizona business owner has received several hateful emails including at least one death threat for publicly supporting SB 1062, the religious freedom bill.



Alliance Defending Freedom reported:

A Gilbert, Ariz. business owner who publicly expressed her support for SB 1062, a religious freedom bill the state legislature passed last week, has received numerous hate e-mails, including one that wishes her and her children dead. It is the latest report of intolerant actions being taken by those who oppose the bill because they claim it and its supporters are “intolerant.”

The e-mail, obtained by Alliance Defending Freedom, reads, “DIE YOU ****. AND I HOPE YOUR CHILDREN DIE TOO. YOU HATEFUL **** DEMON.” The Gilbert business owner received the e-mail and others after expressing her support for SB 1062 in several media interviews.

“If you’re wondering where the supporters of SB 1062 are, they’re home protecting their children from death threats,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Doug Napier. “Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve seen opponents of religious freedom not only spread falsehoods but engage in the very intolerance they say they oppose.”

In addition to threats issued to the Gilbert business owner and others Alliance Defending Freedom are aware of, a Tucson restaurant has posted a sign saying that it reserves the right not to serve Arizona legislators, and a California restaurant and bar that caters to those who identify as homosexual is refusing to serve anyone who supports SB 1062 or similar legislation.

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