Fed Officials to Set Up Camp in St. Louis & Push Global Warming Propaganda to Kids

The kids can’t read or write.
The state was forced to take over the failing schools a while back.

But federal officials believe it is important for them to learn all about global warming.
(St. Louis suffered record cold and snow in January.)

The Bell News reported this week that federal officials will set up camp in the mayor’s office to help implement a sustainability plan.


According to the City of St. Louis’s Sustainability Plan they are going to use that Federal assistance to push fictional Climate Change in public schools and in the community. Here are a couple screen shots of that plan. They want to educate the public on nonexistent climate change:
sustain plan stl

And, they want to push “environmental literacy” in schools.
stl green school

Sounds like a good waste of money, huh?
The Bell News has more.

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