Democratic Senatorial Campaign: “Six Democrats Are Now Trailing in Polls” Enough For GOP to Retake the Senate

Democrats are panicking.
They are worried Republicans will win back the US Senate.


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent out this email today.

Jim — This is bad: Six Democrats are now trailing in the polls after $28 million in Koch attacks — and if the Republicans win all six, the Senate is theirs.

But we will turn this around and stop them: our Grassroots Victory Project will invest $60 million into 4,000 field staff in 10 states to reverse the GOP’s gains. To ensure the GVP is fully funded before the FEC deadline TOMORROW, we need you and 786 other Democrats to step up. We’re TRIPLE MATCHING every gift for the next 24 hours.

Your $3 will equal $12 >>
Your $10 will equal $40 >>
Your $25 will equal $100 >>
Filling our Grassroots Victory Project funding hole would allow us to launch operations THIS WEEKEND in our closest battlegrounds. But falling short in the next 24 hours could means that the Koch brothers will open up an insurmountable lead for the GOP — and our chances to stop a Senate takeover will be done for before Spring starts.

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