Canada Installs First Crack Pipe Vending Machines

Someone tell Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Canada’s first crack pipe vending machines were installed in Vancouver’s Downtown eastside.

CTV News reported:

A non-profit organization has installed the country’s first-ever crack pipe vending machines in Vancouver in a new bid to halt the spread of disease in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

The Portland Hotel Society has been operating two of the machines – which dispense Pyrex crack pipes in exchange for just $0.25 – in the Washington Market and the PHS’s Drug Users Resource Centre for the last six months.

“For us, this was about increasing access to safer inahalation supplies in the Downtown Eastside,” said Kailin See, director of the DURC.

Though many programs provide pipes for drug users in the neighbourhood, it’s usually on a one pipe per person per day basis, according to See. Vending machines allow addicts to purchase as many as they need, with each $0.25 per pipe barely covering production costs.

“They don’t run the risk of then sharing pipes, or pipes that are chipped or broken,” See said. “Everything from flu, colds, cold sores, HIV: If you cut your lip on a pipe that someone else has been using, there are risks there.”

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