Afghan Proposal: “Marry Me Or I’ll Disfigure Your Face With Acid”

acid attack

How romantic.
An Afghan businessman threatened to kill a Canadian woman if she did not marry him. He also told her he’d throw acid on her face so no one would marry her.
Emirates 24/7 reported:

An Afghan property broker allegedly threatened to kill a businesswoman if she does not marry him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

GS, 30, Canadian, who was originally an Afghan citizen, was in London when MH, 43, proposed marriage to her over the phone.

“He tried to convince me that he will be a good husband, saying he had money and power. When I did not show interest in the proposal, he threatened to kill me by sending someone from Afghanistan and that he could organise a road ‘accident’ to kill me.

“When I came to Dubai in August, he resumed threatening to disfigure my face by pouring acid water on my face so that no one would marry me. He threatened to destroy my life and business. Those threats were either made directly to me or to mother back home and my brother,” she told investigators.

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