Ukrainian President Flees Capital – Opposition Takes Control of Kiev

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev today.
His aides said he is in Kharkhiv, close to Russia.

Crowds swarmed Independence Square celebrating the news.
independence square
Crowds in independence square celebrating amid reports #ukraine president has resigned. (Richard Engel)

The BBC reported:

Ukraine’s opposition has asserted its authority over Kiev and parliament in a day of fast-paced events.

MPs have replace the parliamentary speaker and attorney general, appointed a new pro-opposition interior minister and voted to free jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

Police appear to have abandoned their posts across the capital.

Protesters in Kiev have walked unchallenged into the president’s official and residential buildings.

President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders signed a peace deal on Friday after several days of violence in which dozens of people died in a police crackdown on months of protest.

But the deal failed to end the protests and huge crowds remain in Independence Square, the Maidan.

The opposition have called for elections before 25 May, earlier than envisaged in Friday’s peace deal.

The president’s whereabouts are unclear – his aides say he is in Kharkhiv, close to the border with Russia.

Presidential aide Hanna Herman said he was due to give a televised address later.

The people swarmed his estate today and found out he has a massive boat.
boat kiev
People of #Kyiv swarm over President’s estate, learn he has a boat there. A big one.

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