*Ugh* Former MO GOP Senator Kit Bond to Push Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Back in 2010 Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) told NewsMax that expanding Medicaid would be “horrific.”

But, that was before he left Congress to become a lobbyist.
Former Republican Senator Kit Bond took on a new gig recently. The former GOP senator will be pushing for Medicaid expansion in Missouri.
Via Duane Lester at The Missouri Torch:

Former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond has been hired by a state business association to lobby his fellow Republicans in the state Legislature in support of a Medicaid expansion.

Bond’s lobbying firm is being paid by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Chamber President Dan Mehan says the group hopes to capitalize on Bond’s reputation and political connections to persuade reluctant Republican lawmakers that Medicaid expansion is a good idea.

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