Obama Travels to North Carolina – Democrats Flee (Video)

President Obama is traveling to North Carolina today.
But, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) won’t be with him.
She’s hiding out in Washington DC.

Hagan’s campaign said the senator would be in Washington on Wednesday because the Senate is in session, saying her decision had nothing to do with the president’s diminished popularity.

Yeah, right.
Americans for Prosperity released this video in response to the news.

The RNC released this response to Obama’s visit to North Carolina:
Raffi Williams, RNC spokesman —


“Kay Hagan can run from her record of voting with President Obama 96 percent of the time, but she cannot hide. After misleading North Carolinians about whether they could keep their health insurance under ObamaCare, it’s clear Kay Hagan is feeling the heat from rubberstamping the President’s harmful agenda. Fortunately for North Carolinians, if they don’t like their Senator, they don’t have to keep her.”

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