Obama: I Would Not Allow My Imaginary Trayvon-Looking Son to Play Pro Football

Once again, Obama talks about his imaginary nonexistent son to make a political point.
Obama told >The New Yorker he would not let his imaginary son, who resembles Trayvon Martin, to play professional football.

Obama says his imaginary son would look like Trayvon.

The Hill reported:


President Obama said that he believed NFL players “know what they’re doing” and understood the impact that concussions could have on their long-term health in an interview with The New Yorker published on Sunday, adding that he would not let his son play pro football.

“At this point, there’s a little bit of caveat emptor,” Obama said. “These guys, they know what they’re doing. They know what they’re buying into. It is no longer a secret. It’s sort of the feeling I have about smokers, you know?”

In August, the NFL agreed to a $765 million settlement in a lawsuit brought against the league by former players. The league did not admit any liability or that brain injuries were the result of playing football, but the money will be split among former players and medical researchers. A federal judge has not yet approved the deal.

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