MUST SEE: ‘Lone Survivor’ Director Peter Berg Responds to Leftie Critics (Video)

Peter Berg writer, executive producer and director of Lone Survivor, currently the nation’s number one film, joined Fox & Friends Thursday morning to respond to far left progressive media critics. Liberal writer Amy Nicholson at the LA Weekly attacked the military block buster hit ‘Lone Survivor’ for sending out a “racist message” regarding the War on Terror – a ridiculous charge.

“I am aware of what this young lady said. In regards to brown people being bad I’m not sure what film she saw. Marcus Luttrell was saved by a gentleman named Mohammad Gulab. And, Mohammad and his entire village of Afghans who I believe were the brown skin individuals she was talking about actually saved Marcus Luttrell… So I’m not sure what she’s talking about.”

Today Peter Berg responded:

More… Gleen Beck challenged Nicholson to read her scathing review of ‘Lone Survivor’ to a Navy SEALs face.

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