Christian Beheaded for Wearing a Cross

jihadi looting church
After destroying and ransacking a Syrian church, a U.S.-supported jihadi poses to mock Christianity. (Raymond Ibrahim)

A Syrian Christian man in Syria was beheaded after Islamists saw he was wearing a cross around his neck.
Walid Shoebat reported:

Two Christian men, Firas Nader, 29, and Fadi Matanius Mattah, 34, were driving one day in Syria, from Homs to the Christian village of Marmarita, when five armed Muslims intercepted their vehicle and opened fire, severely injuring Firas. When the gunmen approached the car, they saw that Fadi was wearing a cross and so, in their hatred for Christ, decided to take him out, and behead him. After they were done, they assumed that the other Christian, Firas, was dead, and left him.

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