17 Year-Old Russian Sergey Taraspov Suspected in Target Stores Cyber-Attacks

russian teen
A photo of the 17-year-old Sergey Taraspov allegedly behind the malware attacks on Target over the holiday shopping season. (Photo: Intelcrawler)

A 17 year-old Russian is thought to be behind the cyber-attacks on six US stores.
My FOXNY reported:

It appears more credit card numbers may have been stolen in another string of cyber-attacks.

According to the cybercrime firm Intel Crawler, there are at least 6 ongoing attacks on US stores.

And the software behind it is the same one used to steal data from Target and Neiman Marcus.

The firm wouldn’t say exactly how many attacks there are or identify the victims.

The suspected developer of that software is a 17-year-old from Russia.

Officials say the teen sold the software to cyber-criminals, who then attacked those retailers.

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